Cool Water Wetsuits

We are lucky nowadays to have a wetsuit to suit every surfer and every surfing condition. Wetsuits not only add to our water time, being the most essential function, they also protect us from reef cuts and sunburn.

They add to our comfort and floatability should we have to swim. There are special suits for women, kids and body boarders too.

Wetsuit design has become a fine art, focusing on flexible, comfort and multiple density design.

The modern wetsuit yields under pressure where necessary and stays close and warm without being restrictive.

Today’s wetsuits are engineered for surfing long and hard while also providing a high level of good looks, wetsuits are part of surfing’s fashion and no one will argue that a wetsuit that makes you look good makes you feel good about your surfing. Performance enhancing  – definitely. If you’re warm, comfortable and protected , you’re going to hit the water full of positive stoke.

The only bummer about all of these wetsuit companies making such incredible suits is that when the time comes to purchase one, making a decision on which wettie to spend your hard earned dollars on is no easy sport.

Your ultimate wetsuit is even harder to find because what works for your best mate may not work for you.

Personal opinions or reviews can sometimes work againest you. The only way to really find your dream wetsuit is to have a look around and talk to the educated sales folk at your local surf store.


Wetsuit Buyers Directory

If you browse some of the websites provided you will find a variety of  wetsuit companies that can assist you. Research the websites for what they have to offer, then go and visit your local surf shop to try on some wetsuits to make your decisions on what works best for you.







Rip Curl




Rider Developed – Rider Proven – Rider Demanded.Test, test and retest. The industry’s best wetsuits are not created in boardrooms. They are the result of relentless in water use and refinement through collaboration between designers and team riders. This rider developed process is the core of commitment to keep you in the water longer. Year round research and development in the bone chilling and tropical waters around the globe ensures that these wetsuit companies never stray from that commitment.

The Rip Curl Search

Mick Fanning The Search

Rip Curl have been running The Search program for nearly twenty years to different surf destinations around the world. The Search gives Rip Curl an opportunity to test drive different wetsuits, rash shirts, boardshorts in various water climates. Team riders provide the feedback in research and development of new products. The end results are then passed onto the consumer with the new season ranges available at surf shops all over the globe.