About Us – Australian Surfing Brand – SSR

SSR was established in Western Australia during 1988 and has been involved in manufacturing, wholesale distribution and exporting it’s product range of surfboards, apparel and accessories to the Action Sports Industries.

Since 2010 we have re – launched the SSR brand in Indonesia by opening our new concept stores. We support the growing Action Sports Market in South East Asia by creating new employment opportunities. Today we continue on in our tradition of working with trusted Australian surfboard shaper’s and new emerging Indonesian shapers. The sponsorship of the new generation of Indonesian surfers who are a world class act surfing in either small waves or big wave conditions. We also continue our ongoing support of grass roots surfing with sponsorship assistance to local board riding clubs in West Java.

SSR since 1988 and still 100% core involvement to the brand, lifestyle and boardriding culture.

Brand Manager.

Julian Groom.





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